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17 June 2010

let's see........

it's been 2 years this month since i created this blog....

and 5 months since i have posted somrthing here.

not too good.

i am one busy mom, i tell ya.

i will revive this thing once again, but iphoto will HAVE to cooperate~

thanks for being patient 9insert eye rolling smiley here!)

13 January 2010

need excitement?

have a toddler around!

at the park

at a play date!

eating pasta!

the crown i wear

i wear my crown

well, the crown that popped off was old.
the dentist gave me a choice, either get a new one put in for $500.00 (would be $1000.00 smackeroos but my insurance would happily pay half) or try re-cementing in the old one in for $50 bucks

I choose the latter, for now.

I am lucky to have dental insurance, but man, what a rip!

Hopefully our US healthcare will get a makeover…will this affect my dental, probably not.

Man, I wanna move to paris (france not paris texas, OR perris, CA) or Canada….

I have art for sale…

Check out my etsy shop

Or commission your very own art piece

Hit me up:

Over and out for now kiddies!!

12 January 2010

hello and happy 2010!
let me start off the new year tomorrow by going to the dentist to get a crown put back on.
no, not the jughead variety...the kind i had already in my mouth but popped out when i bit into a piece of home made cashew brittle.
ao ridiculous.
see, i should have stayed clear of the sweets.
i hope it onely needs to be re-glued new crown i don;t have the dinero for it.
wish me luck.

15 November 2009


yesterday as we were walking on 2nd street, we were going to pass frosteds cupcakery and max leaned in the direction of the shop and got very excited. MAX knows the cupcakery!!!! so we went in and shared a vanilla frosted cupcake! yummmmmmmmmmmm!

01 October 2008

calling all danzig fans...

buy this shirt!

29 August 2008

holy hell

if mccain wins prez cause he picked a woman VP we are surely fucked.
fucked i tell you.
fucking fucked.
i have a not be politically fucked.

16 August 2008

suzi boneshaker art news and me randomly on the world wide web...


go to the night gallery website for more info!


here is a fox tv show that has a picture of brooks and i from the el diablo run motorcycle ride we went on last year to mexico!
pretty cool!

(click on part 3 we are in the first photo)

in regards to my last post (aka i am a knucklehead...)

i have had my art before on the walls of the true love.
kepi's BATS show 1 or 2 years ago.
i have THE WORST memory.
unless you owe me money or have double crossed me.
THEN i'll remember!!!

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