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29 July 2008

whole lotta shaking going on....

max's first earthquake...
he was wondering why i was freaking out!
damn, it's been awhile since i felt one.
freaky...i'll never get used to it!

phones are overloaded...we are good though....

just *shaken* up!

oh and one of our bookshelves fell...

all of our elvis creations survived! WHEW!!!!!!

and aftershocks, very unsettling.....

28 July 2008

today in the life of me.

well, we think max is sensitive to the dairy i eat so today is day 2 of no dairy in my diet.
it sucks.
but vanilla silk soy milk is good. tasty even.
but no cheese will really bite.

speaking of biting...

i had step one out of 4 for a root canal and a crown this morning....

yes kids i broke a tooth on thursday.
it sucks to be at the moment.
who knows if my insurance will cover this adventure.
keep your fingers crossed for me, i need all the luck i can get.

right now all i can taste is the medication they put in under the tooth spackle.
it is pretty dang nasty.
i mean seriously....

le sigh

27 July 2008

no, not again

yep, it's true...
i need another crown and probably a root canal to accompany it.
i'll find out tomorrow at the dentist.
my tooth broke.
yes, it is broken.
about 1/4 of it is missing.
it feels like a razor blade is stuck in my mouth.

i had a root canal/crown done while i was pregnant with max in the spring.
so not fun.

i have dental insurance and it will still cost about $650.00, that is even more no fun :(

20 July 2008

more on (or is it moron?) volleyball...

"can someone get me the temporary tattoo girl over here???"

okay, so while watching the silly VB game...the gals have temp tattoos of there sponsors on their upper arms, VISA, CROCS, speedo etc...

super ridiculous...
and...the dumbass nike logo takes up most of the triangle of her bikini bra....

and the other chick has speedo emblazoned across the ass of her bikini.
i know money makes the world go round, but these people look silly.
not just cute silly, i mean fuckin' dumb.

**this negative moment was brought to you by speedo and mastercard...priceless.....**

taking the D train down memory lane

somehow i wound up watching the volleyball game from coney island brooklyn NY, ya know the hometown.
they want to revive CI as a tourist/entertainment destination.
it's is cool gentrified with all the old run down rides and boardwalk games and crap.
and nathan's, the cyclone and parachute jump....
some things can't go away due to historical status...
but bringing new life to CI would be neat too i guess.

in the summer we used to go to CI's beach, the rides, midway and sometimes the aquarium.
i used to go to day camp in the neighborhood next door, brighton beach.
my mom was brought up in CI.

in the winter i used to ice skate at abe stark's ice skating rink in CI.
yep, ice skating on the beach in the winter.

oh, coney island is the home to the world famous egg cream (i have fox's ubet in the fridge as i type) and NATHAN'S baby!!!

i miss brooklyn!

09 July 2008

welcome to the club...

Top ten surprises of new parenthood

Surprise #1: Your relationship with your partner will change
Surprise #2: You'll have no idea where the time goes
Surprise #3: You may look different
Surprise #4: You'll join an exclusive worldwide club
Surprise #5: You'll be stronger than you ever imagined
Surprise #6: You'll make "mistakes" you never anticipated
Surprise #7: Your friendships will change
Surprise #8: There'll be times when you hate parenting
Surprise #9: You'll be overwhelmed by love (and other emotions)
Surprise #10: You'll have to let go sooner than you think

05 July 2008

the 4th

max's first 4th of july.

we had a grand 'ol time.

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