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30 June 2008


in many ways.
i can't get to the layout tab to add stuff and make this blog spiffier.

sucks to be me.

le sigh.

oh am i the cousin to pepe le pew? i must be....

le sleep

naps don't seem to work out when my mind races on the million things i need to be doing/get done.

off to a snack, water, lip gloss and take care of bid'ness (that's "business" 80's east coast rapper style)!


no, i just wanted to say that.
no reason, it's just fun to say.

say it aloud now...all together


i sleep now...


well, 2 hours or so ago marked max's 5 week on this planet of ours.
how time flies, seriously, it is cliche, but true.

i've been meaning to document his arrival into this world since may 25th...
i haven't yet.
so many details that can get forgotten.
i hope to get to it.
i hope i can begin this week.

off to sleep for this mom.

18 June 2008

well, i guess i forgot about this blogger!

maybe i will revive it!

thanks to christie/bastet2329 for the inspiration!

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