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20 July 2008

taking the D train down memory lane

somehow i wound up watching the volleyball game from coney island brooklyn NY, ya know the hometown.
they want to revive CI as a tourist/entertainment destination.
it's is cool gentrified with all the old run down rides and boardwalk games and crap.
and nathan's, the cyclone and parachute jump....
some things can't go away due to historical status...
but bringing new life to CI would be neat too i guess.

in the summer we used to go to CI's beach, the rides, midway and sometimes the aquarium.
i used to go to day camp in the neighborhood next door, brighton beach.
my mom was brought up in CI.

in the winter i used to ice skate at abe stark's ice skating rink in CI.
yep, ice skating on the beach in the winter.

oh, coney island is the home to the world famous egg cream (i have fox's ubet in the fridge as i type) and NATHAN'S baby!!!

i miss brooklyn!


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